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 Behaviour Specialist for Foreign Rescues, Reactivity and Separation Anxiety
in Ormskirk near Liverpool and WORLDWIDE in the comfort of your own home

Are you tired of struggling with your dog's behaviour?

Do you just want a peaceful life?

Are you ready to live a Normal Life, just like everyone else?

Welcome to Calmer Canines, where we understand that every dog is unique and needs individual attention to thrive.

  • our approach goes far beyond basic obedience training
  • we look at all the internal and external factors that are impacting your dog's behaviour
  • we prioritise your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your dog
  • you will experience connection and team-work that you only ever dreamed of

Get ready to see your dog's behaviour transform before your very eyes.

"We’ve now had 5 sessions with Stephie and it’s absolutely amazing. The training she has done with us has given us a much more confident caring dog." Sarah and Ralph

What kind of help do you need?

"Stephie's unique training did exactly what she advertises - a calmer canine." Vicky and Oscar

As a dog owner, you've invested time, money, and energy in your dog's care. Despite your efforts, your dog still has behavioural challenges.

I'm Stephie, dedicated to helping owners like you.

Through practical strategies, I guide you to understand and manage your dog's emotions, fostering trust and strengthening your bond wherever you are.  

You and your dog will learn to recognise and respond to each other's cues for a healthier emotional state. Communication between you will be a breeze, and together we'll bring peace back into your family life.

Enjoy the companionship of your furry friend without the stress – let's make it happen together.


"I don't think of Stephie as a dog trainer. I think of her as a relationship fixer,  a teacher, the world's best body language reader, bar none" Eileen and Emmet

Tailored to you and your individual dog

  • Discover how to swap distress for calm curiosity and co-operation
We'll work on building your dog's confidence and curiosity, while also instilling a sense of calm and cooperation. This will help your dog to manage new situations and environments, calmly, easily and effortlessly.

  • Together, we will release trauma and help your dog to make good decisions
Through our training sessions, we'll help your dog to let go of past learning and past trauma so that they can reconnect with their missing calmness. We'll focus on building a positive relationship between you, your dog, and the outside world, fostering trusting and encouraging your dog to make really great decisions without you needing to tell them what to do.

  • Our sessions are rewarding and nurturing for everyone
  • Our sessions prioritise the safety and well-being of both you and your dog. We use rewarding, nurturing and supportive methods that will help your dog learn and thrive.

    • You’ll get a clear and simple step-by-step route to your dog being OK in any situation
  • Our programme is easy to follow, with clear and simple instructions. We'll work together to develop a step-by-step plan to help your dog become comfortable and confident in any situation. You'll have the skills and knowledge you need to handle any challenge that comes your way.

    • Wherever you are in the world, I'm with you on every step of the journey
  • I'm committed to your success, and wherever you are in the world I'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you make progress as quickly as possible. We'll work together to overcome any obstacles or challenges that arise, and I'll provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure your success.

    • You and your dog will develop the skills to be able to be at peace with the world
    • Through our training programme, you and your dog will develop the skills you need to navigate the world with confidence and peace. We'll work on building a strong foundation of trust and communication, which will help you and your dog feel more connected and at ease in any situation.


International Conference Appearances

The International Dog Trainer's Summer Summit 2021

What Reactive Dogs Really Need Summit 2023

Pet Remedy Summer of Love 2023

"Stephie emanates calm! She is empathetic, patient and incredibly knowledgeable." Bea


Eileen and Emmett

I don't think of Stephie as a dog trainer. I think of her as a relationship fixer, a behavior interpreter, a teacher, the world's best body language reader, bar none, especially since she's doing all these things over zoom, you tube videos and through the client's eyes She is an advocate for both dog and person. My 6 year old dobie and I were in her shouty, barky dog class. She is available for questions, and gives you the time to clarify the info and let it sink in, so you can adjust it for a better fit to your dog. She wants to see you both succeed, to the point that she had to teach me about zooming and you tube. Her dog Mickle is very lucky to have her and thank you Mickle for sharing her. She will do all in her power to help you with your dog, and all the effort will be well worth it. I recommend her highly.

Catherine and Daisy

Amazing, Daisy has come a long way in the short period we have undergone training. Daisy was a street dog from Bosnia, thanks to Stephie she was housetrained within a day , Daisy was reactive with other dogs and people; very over friendly and howling when they got near, which scared other dogs and people. She is now a very pleasant and happy dog when people and dogs approach. All this through positive cognitive training. No punishments or harsh words all positive and rewarding for Daisy and us. I would definitely recommend Stephie . Thank you so much

Katie and Finn

Me and Finn my gorgeous cocker spaniel have been working with stephie over the last 7 weeks to correct Finns separation anxiety. Stephie is wonderful and so knowledgeable- as soon as I spoke to her I felt immediately at ease. Stephie gives us very practical things to do each week and the training sessions are fun and focussed. Finn has made big changes so far and I can see him growing in confidence daily. Stephie takes a holistic approach and looks at all aspects of the dogs life and wellbeing, her approaches are kind and practical. We are really enjoying the process and stephie is always on hand to answer questions, I’ve had a lot of them!

Ken, Jane and Bly

We initially booked one of the free sessions Stephie runs to give us an idea of what is covered on the full course This is our first very reactive dog. Stephie was great on the initial session giving good insight on why dogs react & tips on how to help deal with their reactivity. This is a 10 week course & you will need to put the effort in to get best results. I like that there are weekly catch-ups with others in the group & the groups are small. It's nice having other people who understand what you're going through with a reactive dog. Although this is a 10 week course you can work at your own pace & set your own goals. You can go back to sections & keep going over the training material. We have noticed a big difference with our dog Bly over the 10 weeks. He's more relaxed when walking & I now have tools that help me notice his stress levels before he explodes. We've changed the way we feed & exercise him. Stephie makes the training sessions fun & interesting It helps having decent broadband for the weekly zoom sessions uploading videos.


Thanks to Stephanie's advice our training has come on well and we don't have barking in the house or out in public spaces, and the treat game worked so well even with a high drive dog.

Claire and Eara

Stephie explained things really well and apparently had the patience of a saint! Eara, my reactive lurcher, and I learned loads and were given a really good start in our training adventure. Would absolutely recommend Stephie, Eara has come on loads 😀

Eve and Roo

Would definitely recommend, was always at the end of the phone when needed. Gives excellent advice and has given us amazing advice about crate training; our frug puppy has made so much progress. Thank you for all the reassurance, advice and answering every question we had.

Vicky, Stuart and Oscar

Stephie's unique training did exactly what she advertises - a calmer canine.  Oscar is a rescue dog and came with some unwanted behaviours.  By following Stephie's training, we were able to help Oscar slow down his thought process, which in turn helped to slow his reaction down in each situation.  He is now able to think, process and then decide what he's going to do next.  He generally makes good choices but of course, he's not perfect and training continues.  However, we are seeing small wins on a weekly basis and we will continue to continue with the training Stephie provided.  A huge thank you from all of us.

Janet and Yogie

Thank you for your support during your course. Although Team Yogie is still very much a work in progress, I do feel that we have come on a lot. Yogie is a rescue dog of indeterminate age ( probably 9+) so we are very much late starters. You have given us some ideas that have worked particularly well with Yogie as traditional games and exercises don't hold much interest for him. I was delighted when a passer by commented today on how much he has improved! Thanks again Stephie.

Sarah and Ralph

We’ve now had 5 sessions with Steph and it’s absolutely amazing. We have a much calmer, more obedient dog. The training she has done with us has given us a much more confident caring dog. Could not recommend her enough. Thank you so much.  Her training methods are so good and easy to follow for us and our two children so the whole family is able to get involved working towards our goals for a more obedient calmer dog.